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Eyewash Kit .png

Eyewash Station

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Spill Kits

Heavy Duty Telescoping  W06NP-SXY .png

Buggy Whips

CSA Frist Aid Kit.png

First Aid Kit 

AED, Lifeline AED Semi-automatic Defibrillator, Monitoring Pads, Defibrillation, AED Plus, Chest Compression with Real CPR, Standard Carry Case, Slim Carry Case, Hardshell Carry Case, AED Awareness Placard, SMART Pads Cartridges, Fast Response Kit


Fire Safety, Fire Blankets, Fire blanket, Emergency Escape Ladders, Emergency Fire Blankets, Fire Cabinet

First Aid Kits, Eyewash Kits, Mount Eyewash Stations, Pedestal Mount Eye Wash Face Wash, Emergency Shower, Emergency Eyewash Station, Emergency Face Wash Station,  Portable Pressurized Eyewash Station, Saline Eyewash,  Eyewash Solution

Alberta First Aid Kits, British Columbia First Aid Kits, Manitoba First Aid Kits, Saskatchewan First Aid Kits,  Day care First Aid Kits, Swimming Pool First Aid Kit, Office First Aid Kits, Hot and Cold Therapy Products, Burn free Burn Kits, Gauze Pads, Compress Bandages, CPR Kits, Wooden Splint, Aluminum splints, Cervical Collars

,Safety Products

Spill Kits, Barrel, Tool Box Spill Kits, Vehicle Spill Kit, Lab Acid/Base Spill Kits, Battery Acid Spill Kits, Acid Spill Kits, Truck Spill Kits, Shop Spill Kits, Tool Kaddie Spill Kits, Industrial Spill Kits

Technical Services

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