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Browse our vast selection of Arrow Boards. Arrow Boards play an essential role in keeping the work zone safe as it direct traffic flashing a brightly lit arrow pattern on a large, highly visible display panel. We offer an array of different versions of Arrow Boards with multiple options. 


  • Available in 15 or 25 Lamp Configurations 

  • 96"W x 48"H High Display Panel

  • Battery and Solar Powered 

  • Easy to Use Controller

  • Optional Side Rail Mounted Controller

  • Optional Vehicle Mounted Arrow Boards

Silent Sentinel Arrow Board


  • Available in 15 or 25 Lamp Configurations

  • 96"W x 48" H Display Panel 

  • Battery and Solar Powered

  • Curb Mounted Control

  • Optional Battery Controller and Charger 

  • Optional Wireless Control

Aro-lite Curve Trailer 

Low Profile Directional Display.jpg


  • Powered by 12VDC

  • Meets the MUTCD

  • Touch Sensitive Control Keys 

  • LED Mode Display

  • Remote Operator Control

  • Optional Wireless Control

Low Profile Directional Display 


  • Available in 38" x 75" and 50" x 88" 

  • AllnGaP LED Technology

  • Touch Tablet Control

  • Pre-programmed Messages and MUTCD Messages 

  • Optional Hydraulic Lift 

  • Optional Remote Programming

Sunray 90


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